Would You Like Learn English Easily, Quickly And Perfectly?

Sometimes we are feeling difficult to learning english perfectly. And that’s right, I’m also often feeling like that before I’m knowing how to learning english correctly. Because there is some difference between the English and Indonesian language, especially in language system.


For example in sentence below:

English: This is a new book (means : Ini adalah sebuah buku baru)
Indonesian: This is a book new (means: Ini adalah sebuah buku baru)

Two sentences above has same meaning but different grammar. That’s why we’re often confused when writing an english articles.

Learn english easily, quickly and perfectly

If we don’t have any friend who can correct it, we can write a question in a forum that discusses about how to learn english, for example, you can post a question in Google+ in English For Fun. I also learn english in there.

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Don’t be shy to ask if you want to understand english quickly, and you must be confidence that someday you can understand english perfectly like them. So, in the future we will be really understand how do I write and speak english perfectly.

I would write a quote :

If you want to understand english quickly, you don’t be shy to ask and you must ask to a person who really understand about english language. So you will be understand english language quickly and perfectly without feeling difficult.

This is a very easy way to learn english which I can share, if there is incorrect grammar in my previous articles, please help me to correct it by leaving a comment below because I am still learning English. Have a nice blogging 🙂 Read also Learn How to Write English Article With Google Translate Easily.

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