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Jumat, 24 April 2015 - 10:09 WIB

WordPress 4.2 Has Been Launched New Version – What’s Cool?

WordPress 4.2 came, what’s cool? I have been upgraded my old version wordpress from WordPress 4.1 to WordPress 4.2 last night, and I see a change on internal links feature that located in the post entry of admin dashboard.

In previous version, WordPress 4.1, this feature is not available so we should write an internal link title in order to create a title of internal links. But in latest version, WordPress 4.1, we don’t needs to write any internal link title text. Because…

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The title of internal link has been available inside of internal links feature in the post entry when we create an internal link as usually. What changes of wordpress 4.2 besides internal links feature, I don’t know. According to me, wordpress 4.2 likely bring many perfectly features but I haven’t known yet what any cool features that available in this latest version. I hope they were provided a feature to bring more traffic for my website.

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