Why Your English is Very Bad?

Actually the title above is a question for myself. Why I can’t write english articles with both, because I’m an Indonesian, where every day I’m no using english in my daily activity, but using indonesian language. Therefore some of my blog users sometime giving me advices and feedback that I have to improving my english so that more perfect by often write and read.

In fact, last year there is one of my blog visitor are leave a little bad comment, he told, “if you no speak english you don’t write english article !”. Of course it makes my spirit be little down and maybe about two years I’m no write anything in english.

But I’m now is back with english which still bad, however, I’ll continue to try to learn english to be better and more perfect, especially in grammar. I think if there is a little mistakes on my article it’s no problem, the important is my blog reader can understanding what’s I mean.

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There are many teachers on the internet that you can get learning everything from them. A lot of articles on google that you can search and read it to makes your english to be better and more perfect.

When I write this article is in no way using google translate, but just sometime if I’m nothing understand the meaning of one or two word only. I hope this article giving inspiration to you, and sorry if my grammar is still bad, give me some advices and feedback please 🙂

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