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Jumat, 10 Oktober 2014 - 06:04 WIB

Truly Surprising, Linda Ikeji’s Blog Has Been Activated Back By Google

This is truly surprising news, during two days (since October 08) the Linda Ikeji Blog getting shutdown and had been removed by Google, but now when this article was updated, I see her blog has been return and her blog has been updated and created some new posts. no body knows why Google turn off and disabled her blog by Google in two days, maybe this is the first case where’s any blog had been removed by Google only 2 days then those blog enable again this is would be a histories of blogger.

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Usually, blog that removed by google needs long times to get activated back after the filing appeal is approved by google. Sometimes “shutdown” are permanently if their violation can’t be tolerance, for example they has too much doing plagiarism to others.

But now I can smilling after looking the Linda Ikeji’s Blog already exist again, where’s a simple blog that has giving a lot of inspiration to me which updated by a blogger woman and finally she got popularity by her free blog.

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I hope the  “google forgiveness” to Linda Ikeji’s Blog is permanently so that I can continues to getting her new updates.

^^ Please also read the news before, Linda Ikeji’s Blog Has Been Removed, What Happened?

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