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Kamis, 11 Desember 2014 - 10:31 WIB

Travelling to Mount Srandil

This time, the trip reached at Cilacap region. Incidentally, I was accompanied by Muh. Khamim, the traveler seems like me, and familiar as Gus Khamim. You aren’t a real traveler if you never come to the haunted smelled places yet.

We agreed to go to Srandil Glempang Pasir Village, District Adipala, Cilacap, Central Java. Reportedly, late former president Suharto also frequently visited Srandil and also other high officials who wanted to gain a good position.

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Of course the trip is not as quiet as usual because I was not go alone. Many topics we talked, most about the supernatural experience stories.

“Humans want to know everything, especially about mystical ones. One day, there was someone who wanted to be opened his sixth sense… and finally he was only fainted. Well how come? Yes, logically, if our sixth sense unrun in daily life, then suddenly opened… Of course it will be surprising us. Instantly we can see all the invisible life… at a tree or behind the door, we saw the supernatural creatures hanging …” I said to Gus Khamim.

Gus Khamim replied, “Who’s not shock when there was a square supernatural creature head with an eye, in front of him.” We were laughing…

Therefore, I disagree, as many people do, with the guts test in some private televisions’ programs. How come, an ordinary person without the spiritual experience had to deal with supernatural beings who were invited… purely for the sake of money when passed from the test.

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We skirted Mount Srandil which is divided into two parts, firstly, five points ‘pepunden’ or tombs where located at below hillside. Two other points were on the peak of Mount Srandil. All of them are a sequential series when someone wants to make a pilgrimage here.

There was not our goal to be imprisoned …  we were solely to enjoy the stunning natural atmosphere. So we did not follow the procedures of pilgrims in general, because of the difference goal. So we ignored what a lot of people said if we do not know the rules it will be disturbed by the watchman of Mount Srandil.

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Image by www.wisatacilacap.com

Starting from the Master (Eyang Guru), or Eyang Guru Sukmo Sejati, or Eyang Guru Sukmo Sejati Kunci Sari Dana Sari is the first tomb on Mount Srandil.

Second is the tomb of Gusti Agung Sultan Murahidi. Third is Nini Alas Sekar Sari Dewi as a companion or wife of a Eyang Semar at southern below. Fourth is the Eyang Semar or Kaki Tunggul Sabdo Jati Doyo Amung Rogo next to the tomb Nini Alas Sari Dewi.

Then the fifth is the ruins of Eyang Juragan Dampu Awang, or Sampokong, or Sunan Kuning. A moslem wealthy merchant from China, which was once stopped at Srandil to meditate on this place. It is located on the northern right and left of the entrance gate to Mount Srandil.

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Sixth is the ruin of Eyang Langlang Buana, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu who still has something to do with the Kingdom of Padjadjaran in Sunda Land located on Mount Srandil peak.

Last, the seventh ruin is the tomb of Mayang Koro or Hanuman. Well, if you interested to go to Srandil, I like giving you the route. Mount Srandil is one of the hills in the Glempang Pasir District of Adipala, 30 km distance from City Cilacap at north-east. It is easy to reach by public transportation, such as train or bus.

If you take the train, you should go to Kroya Railway Station first. Then take the village public transportation or motorcycle taxi to the location. If by bus, you should go to be the Kroya Bus Station. Further, take the bus for Cilacap-Jatijajar-Kebumen destination, or take the private vehicles. The road is paved and close to the South Traffic Lane.

That’s how we travel to Mount Srandil … hopefully useful.

Author : Risman Aji Darmawan

Address : Desa Kasihan, Kab. Bantul, Jogjakarta

Facebook : Risman Aji Darmawan

Google+ : +Risman Aji

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