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Minggu, 16 November 2014 - 10:07 WIB

Sumatran Elephants, The Biggest Animals That Pretty Fun

The sumatran elephants is the biggest land animals in Indonesia that lives in the sumatera island. They are more small than african elephants, where the sumatran elephants includes asian elephant which having body size relative small at their kinds.

Ears are relatively small and a proboscis also little short than african elephants. This thing because this animals lives in khatulistiwa area where the khatulistiwa animals are having small size than the animals who more far from khatulistiwa.

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In the wild, the sumatran elephants including the animals who feared by another animals, even the top predator sumatran tigers. But in a circus show, elephant is the friendly animal and very entertaining the visitors.

holiday, vacation, tourism, beautiful animals, wildlife

Elephant is the intelligent animal, they can be trained to doing anything, even they has the sharp memory that eight times more sharp than the human memory.

holiday, vacation, tourism, beautiful animals, wildlife

In Thailand, they were hired to moving the heavy cargos. The human capturing the wild elephants in the forest and trained them being the transportation vehicles. A person who ever catch an elephant didn’t dare to go into the woods alone. The elephant’s family who ever disturbed by him will be remember to forever.

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