Sparrows Birds With Their Cubs in the Mango Tree

Sparrows Birds Story From Rainforest Country – In my home yard there is a mango tree. In there lived two sparrows birds with their cubs in the nest. Everyday I see they are busy to take care their cubs.

In the nest I see there is four small sparrows who very cute. Every morning they sing with their sounds which very tunable. When the sun slowly going up, their mother came with the food, while the father get out to search some prey. Their food source are some rice grain that they gets from a rice field.

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When the old sparrows giving a breakfast for the cubs has finished, they were gone one by one to search eating for himself for a few hours. They hasn’t go together, but first time the father going out from the nest to search eating, after his stomach full he come back to the nest, and then the mother going out to search eating in rice field.

After their stomach was full, they gathered together back at the nest on the mango tree in the my home yard. They was singing together happily until sunset in the west. After that they sleep together until morning.

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I hope Sparrows Birds Story From Rainforest Country is useful and can entertain you. Read also When the Canary Birds Singing With Weeping.

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  1. Good morning , Mbak Indri ?

    How are you today…?

    May I correct a bit (again) your writing.. just a bit. The sentence I would like to correct is

    “Every morning they were singing with their sounds which very tunable”

    Every morning , this adverb of frequency is used for Simple Present Tense only.

    Therefore, the correct sentence should be

    “Every morning they sing……”

    Other examples

    Everyday, I eat an egg for my breakfats
    Everynight, she studies English
    Everyweek, he visits his grandmother

    The pattern is

    (Positive/Affirmative sentence)

    Subject + Verb (with “s” or without “s”) + Object/Adverb

    I walk to school everyday
    She walks to school everyday


    Subject + Do/Does + Not + Verb + Object/Adverb

    I do not (don’t) walk to school everyday
    She does not (doesn’t) walk to school everyday


    Do/Does + Subject + Verb + Object/Adverb ?

    Do I walk to school everyday?
    Does she walk to school everyday?

    I hope this is helpful for you

    1. Thanks brother, I’ve corrected it 😀 Your explanation about english structure is very helpful for me and I say many thanks. You just correct for one mistake in this article it’s means my writings have been better than before or because my articles just contains little words only so there is not many mistake 😀

      1. Once at a time…

        Better to correct one by one, that the mistake can be corrected and learned by the writer.

        It is easier to be absorbed and remembered if we don’t push people to remember too many things at one time.

        It is getting better indeed . For every writing you make, I will take one thing to correct..

        1. Thank you very much mas Anton for taking the time to correct on my writings mistakes. I hope you don’t bored to teach me and I say many thanks for you 🙂

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