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Kamis, 10 September 2015 - 05:07 WIB

Skripsi Bahasa Inggris Bab I Tentang Analisa Kesulitan Siswa Dalam Belajar Transitive Dan Intransitive Verb

Berikut Ini Media Referensi Akan Berbagi sedikit Tentang Skripsi Bahasa Inggris yang berjudul “An Analysi Study On Student Difficulties In Learning Transitive And Intransitive Verb” bagi sahabat semua yang sedang dalam penyusunan skripsi bole anda simak selengkapnya dibawah ini :



  1. Background of the Research

Language is a tool of communication that is used to express and conveys though and idea to other, it is also created by people from their daily need and keep their relationship and society. There are many language are used by all over the world, and English is one of language should be mastered people, because it is international language and people usually use it to communicate with different countries, to run business, to continue their studies abroad.

English is one of the foreign language which is learned and studied in Indonesia. Indonesian students have to learn this language because English has become part of the curriculum. As a matter of fact, they find it difficult to master. They barely able to use them appropriately in speaking, writing, reading and listening. One of the problems faced by students learning English in the use of one sentence in mastering Transitive and Intransitive verbs.

Based on explanation above, in teaching learning process is very important to know about the verb, because the verb is a person of action in their daily activities. they can distinguish a verb which requires an object and verb that does not require an object. Opinion of the researcher that students of MTsS S Mulieng have some difficulties in learning English especially in learning transitive and intransitive verb.

Based on the researcher analysis, the students difficulty in answering the questions, most of them do not understand about transitive and intransitive verb, they do not know to distinguish between transitive and intransitive form, they do not know what is transitive and Intransitive, the students are wrong in using it when they fill exercise . The students got difficulty in using that which the verb and which object in the sentence, and they are also difficult to understand the meaning of the sentences, because they lack the vocabulary. The student also do not understand the meaning of the sentence, because they lack of vocabulary, they do not understand about transitive and intransitive. Most of them are confused in distinguishing which form of transitive and intransitive, they have much difficulty in distinguishing between verb and object because they do not pay attention to their teacher’s explanation, and they are lazy to do it. The students from low level do not understand about grammar, it makes them difficult in mastering transitive and intransitive verb.

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Based on data from documentation, the writer concluded that most of the student did not understand about transitive and intransitive verb, the students can not distinguish transitive and intransitive in sentence, the students can not understand about transitive and intransitive verb.

So in this thesis the writer wants to explain more specific about verb form like transitive and intransitive verb. There are the different types of verb corresponding closely to the different types of object and compliment. The sentence which have subject compliment, transitive verb to other sentence have extensive verb. The latter are intransitive verb; they don’t permit any object, like arrive, cry etc. mean while transitive verb take a direct object like make, eat, throw, kick, shot, etc.

Example :

  • The boy throw a ball
  • The man kicks the ball
  • He shot the bird

The boy, man and he as subject, and the word throw, kick, shot as a verb than ball, bird as an object. So we cannot say the girl throw, because it is not complete. Like Geoffrey leech has said that “transitive verb need an object in order complete meaning of sentence.”

However in contract to transitive verb, intransitive verb did not followed by an object, example: bird fly slowly. Bird as a subject, fly as a verb and slowly as a adverb, and there is no object in the sentence because the verb fly does not take object. Although it looks like simple but it is important to know by student especially in bulling passive form, because only transitive verb are used in passive and is not possible to use intransitive verb passive.

Based on explanation above the researcher the interested in conducting a research entitled an analysis on students’ difficulties in mastering transitive and intransitive verb at the second year students of MTsS Simpang Mulieng.

  1. Identification of the Research

Based on background of the research, some problems can be identified as the follows:

  • The students did not understand about transitive and intransitive verb.
  • The students did not distinguish between intransitive and intransitive verb.
  • The students difficulties in answering questions about transitive and intransitive verb.
  1. Problem of the Research
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Based on background above, the researcher formulates the problem of the research into the following question: What are the students’ difficulties in learning transitive and intransitive verb?

  1. Objective of the Research

According to the above the research question, the purpose of the researcher is as follows:

To know the students’ difficulties in learning transitive and intransitive verb.

  1. Scope of the Research

In this study, the writer limited the research on analyzing the students difficulties in learning transitive and intransitive verb to the second year students of MTsS Simpang Mulieng.

  1. Significance of the Research

The result of this study is requested to be significance either theoretically or practically as follow:

  1. Theoretically
  2. The result of the research can be used as input the students in mastering transitive and intransitive verb
  3. The result of research can be used reference for those who want to conduct a research increasing students in English language
  1. Practically

This result of the research helped the student to solve their problem in learning transitive and intransitive verb also expected to make the student enjoy in studying English.

  1. Operational Definition

To avoid misunderstanding between the researcher and the reader, the researcher will give explanation term used in this research.

  1. Difficulties

Difficulties is a state when one learning process is interrupted because of the emergence of conflicting responses. Basically, who have a learning disorder, the potential is essentially not harmed, but the learning impaired or impeded by the presences of conflicting responses, so that the learning outcomes are achieved is lower than its potential.

  1. Transitive verbs

Transitive verb is a verb that requires one or more objects in a sentence. The term is used to contrast with intransitive verbs, which do not have objects in a sentence.

  1. Intransitive verb

Intransitive verb is a verb that that does not take a direct object, or a verb that not requires an object or more. In other words, its not done to someone or something. It only involves the subject.

Sekian sedikit contoh BAB I THESIS BAHASA INGGRIS tentang Analisys Kesulitan Siswa Dalam Belajar Grammar Transitive dan Intransitive Verb, semoga bisa bermanfaat bagi sahabat yang sedang menyusun tugas akhir. Wassalam

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