Sengkaling Water Park, the Wonderful Water Tourist in Malang City

Sengkaling Water Park is the largest waterpark in Malang regency where located in Batu City , East Java, Indonesia. This waterpark is a water tourist park that there is already have since a few decades ago, and this place became one of tourist destination in East Java, especially for the domestic tourism.Many of water pool that you can chose according to your needs, there are some types of pools to swim like pool for the children, adult or even for swimming races or various types of water games.

In addition of swimming, there are some paddle boats and water bikes that you can use it to going around on the waterpark.


On sunday, this place are filled by the peoples that comes from some cities in east jawa. Someday if you have plans to visit this place, be sure you bring many food because your stomach will be hungry after swimming or completing a water gaming in this place. Of course, water games can make your stomach being hungry.

Anything very cheap here, including the foods and souvenirs. You can bring home some unique souvenirs from malang, and you can also buy for Malang’s apple fruit that having impressive flavors which maybe you can’t be found it in another place.

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