Santet Banyuwangi, Javanese Witchcraft That Famous in Indonesia

Santet is the javanese black magic or witchcraft that famous around the archipelago, in fact around the world. Santet is practiced with evil genie’s help or devil by inserting a sharp objects like a nail, needles, blade, and another sharp objects into the body someone who being targeted.

A person who has infected by the santet sharp objects can’t be cured by doctors because it’s the magical objects which can’t be detected by means of medical technology.

Usually a few days or months later the targets will be sick and finally to death after his body tortured by the witchcraft for several months.

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The shaman who practices the santet witchcraft called “Dukun Santet” (Dukun is shaman). They are paid by someone who having a problems with others and he intended to kill him with the santet witchcraft.

The district of Banyuwangi is one of place in Indonesia that known as central of Dukun Santet, and also in some other place such as district of Lamongan although no too famous.

Since 1960, the researchers from the United States like Geertz (1960), Mulder (1978-1998) and Beatty (1999) have examined existence of dukun santet in district of Banyuwangi.

Recently in 2002, the Murdoch University from Australia also held a study to uncover the role of the Banyuwangi witches or Dukun Santet that affect into the politics and ideology in the life of Indonesian society.


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