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Kamis, 20 Juni 2013 - 13:51 WIB

Quick ways to get Yahoo & Bing indexed for Blogger

Hey… Today I’ll be try to share the simple tips and tricks about how to optimized for the blogspot so that can be indexed by the bing and yahoo search engine within a short time. Because usually, and it’s certain that bing and yahoo take a long time to index our blog articles. That’s way we need to do a simple action but important, so that they’ll take an quickly act in order to index all your articles without waiting for long times like usually.

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This is diferent with the google search engine. They are faster in indexing all of your blog articles although we didn’t take any action.

Well, if you want all of your articles appear in the bing search results in a short time, you can try this simple ways. You have to submit two important URLs to Bingbot. Next you’ll see your articles in the bing and yahoo search like below.

First, go to Bing submit URL

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Then send the following URLs to bing index.


You can also submit the URL below. This is optional but recomended, because in the future your blog will got some comments from users.


Note: Change the red colour text with your blog url, then submit.

Finish. See the result within one week.

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