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Selasa, 28 April 2015 - 09:07 WIB

Quick Ways to Create Many Articles on Your Blog Easily

In order to have a website that contains many articles quickly it’s not easy because we must write many articles each day. Just write one to two articles only in your site it’s not enough to make your site rich in content. How can your site get more traffic if your site contents just little only? Likely in my previouly articles I have been write the same article like this, but that is no problem because in this articles I add some useful things.

Read also How to Find Writing Article Ideas For Your Blog Easily. Here some tips about the way to make your site have a lot of articles quickly. However, in order to do it you must have a camera. What should you have a camera? Please you read some explanations below.


How to create many articles on your site quickly

1.Get out from your house with a camera

As a blogger you must be familiarize yourself carrying a camera everywhere you go, because if you see any unique something you can photograph it as pictures at that time. I advised you often visits to somewhere that have many beautiful panorama near place where you live. If in my place, I often go to the beach near my home where I can found a lot of beautiful nature panorama and I can photograph many beautiful nature in there.

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You can photograph beautiful nature panorama near your place. But if you live in a city you can photograph some beautiful place in your city. For example, you can go to central of city and then you photograph some beautiful place that you see in there. Maybe you can be get many pictures just in one place only.

2. Open computer and login into your blog

Please you create new article and upload your picture one by one, and then you write something below picture that explanation about the picture, after your article already more than 300 words long you can publish it. Your articles must be more than 300 words per-article because get a better rank on the google search later so the users can be found your articles easily.

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Please you create a new article again until all of your pictures exhausted published on your blog. If you can get 30 pictures just in one day, then you can create 30 articles in your blog just within one day easily just using one camera as you own. If calculated for one month you can create 900 articles on your blog. Your blog would rich in articles.

I hope this article is useful and can help you to get more ideas to create many articles on your blog easily. Read also How to Introduce Your Blog to The World Community.

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