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Selasa, 29 Januari 2019 - 19:23 WIB

Micro-influencer VS Macro-influencer, which one is better?

Many people are interested in marketing through influential people on Instagram, also known as Influencer or Celebgrams (Celebrity on Instagram). If you follow celebrity’s Instagram accounts, chances are that you will see that the celebrity is promoting a specific product in her account. Well, that is one example of marketing that uses Celebgrams. In this case the celebrity is the influential person.

Influential people are not only celebrities, average people also have great influence on Instagram. People who work as models, office workers, students, school children and even housewives also have influence. Clearly all of them carry the same task of promoting the product of a brand or a particular online shop through their Instagram account.

Then, which should we choose?

Influential celebrities who are usually synonymous with millions of followers (Macro-Influencer) or influential average people who have less followers (Micro-Influencer)?

Let’s look into it further!

●      Engagement Rate

Does anyone assume that more followers will get more responses? In fact not. Studies conducted by Entrepreneur.com  show that the more followers the engagement rate (the number of followers who respond to likes, comments, share than the total number of followers) decreases. Celebgrams with 1000-10,000 followers have an engagement rate of 4%, while celebgrams with more than 10 million followers have a smaller engagement rate of 1.6%.

In this case, of course the winner is a micro-influencer. If you look further, micro-influencer tend to have specific content in their Instagram. This makes followers also more specific or dominated by people who are interested in or related to the content. No wonder the uploaded content generates more responses. Unlike the case with macro-influencer who are mostly celebrities. There are various motives that make millions of people follow their Instagram accounts. Starting from fans, people who like them because the celebrity is beautiful or handsome, people who are inspired by their fashion style, people interested in promoting goods or even haters. So, as celebrities upload content, only certain followers respond.

●      Content reach
If your goal is to reach a wide audience, then choose a macro-influencer. Of course, the less followers the less people are reached by the uploaded content.

The thing to remember is that the budget needed to work with macro-influencer is certainly not small. However, if you have more than enough promotional budget, why not? Isn’t it fun when our content can be seen by millions of pairs of eyes in one upload?

Which is better?

It depends on your intention. If you want the brand known by a more specific audience, then the micro-influencer is the right choice. However, if you want to reach as many people as possible quickly, then choose a macro-influencer.
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