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Linda Ikeji is Now Hiring Reporters And Photographers For LIB

Linda Ikeji, owner of the LIB (Linda Ikeji’s Blog) now recruiting reporters and photographers to hiring them to get more exclusive content. This is an first action after during two days her blog getting shutdown by google because they found too much copyright infringement on her blog.
Linda Ikeji says on her blog that she was really proud where she did this alone & brought herself to number one in Nigeria with the help of loyal LIB readers or her fans.
Therefore, today Linda Ikeji announced to anyone, a reporter or even someone passionate about news reporting or someone who think he can source for news for LIB, they were can send an email to
Besides, Linda Ikeji officially apologize to everyone who has sent her a mail however she was never replied. There are thousands of funs and therefore she was truly apologize. 
“When you blog alone, it’s almost impossible to pay attention to much else. So forgive me!” Linda Ikeji said.
“I’m so scattered that I don’t even have a LIB logo”, she added.
Now LIB was recruiting reporters and photographers, if you interested, you can sent an email to Linda Ikeji as LIB reporter or photographer.
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