Learn How to Write Articles Consistently

Write many articles are very easy, but write an article consitently isn’t easy. In order to increase your blog traffic you must be write articles consistently on your blog everyday. Writing an article consistently it will be better than write many articles but not consistently or just sometime.

Content writter is a profession. If you write contents on your blog everyday it means you are content writter. You have a huge chance to make money online just by writing articles on your blog everyday.


In this moment I want to share about how to write articles on your website consistently bassed on my experiences where since more than 5 years I have work as a nlogger. Basically, writing article consintently it is very easy if you know the tips do it, let:s see the following tips:

1. Make a planning or dailly writing schedule

Same like when you still a student at elementary school. May you see everyday of study matteries schedule for tommorow on your table or at wall. Be plan like that. You create one or some articles today and then you schedule to be publish tommorow… and for after tomorrow if it is possible, depend of how much articles you can create in one day.

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2. Make writing as a hobby and your need

Same like you eating rice every day that you have not ever bored to do it. If you can make a writing content as your hobby and need, you will realize that writing article is a lot of fun. While writing article you can express your mind. In addition, with english, many of online business ideas can you do easily.

3. Often read something

Take your time for browsing on google search to read something that you like. This activity will give you many ideas for creating many articles. But If you don’t like reading reaing activity, it will make you have no any idea to create article. Your mind will stuck in one place.

4. Force yourself to write many articles every day

Train yourself being active, not passive. Sometimes, even often, anyone feels lazy to do something, include writing article. Don’t let this problem live on your life and force yourself to write and write although it just for a few words. So writing articles activity will not being a hard work.

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I hope this tips useful. Many sorry for any mistake, because I still in learn step to improve my engilsh writings. Please give me correction for any mistake on my articles if you see it, i want to become english master same like you.

English is international language. Allien called english as an earth language. Because when they first time landed on earth using english for introducing himself with elliot.

I write this article today just by using ipad mini ipad because my computer has problem, but it is not a problem for me to keep learn and writing english articles. Read also Would You Like Learn English Easily, Quickly And Perfectly?

I am looking forward for your next visit.

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13 komentar

  1. We can write articles consistenly following this points
    1. Make a planning or dailly schedule
    2. Make a writing activity as a hobby and needs
    3. Often to read something
    4. Force yourself to write every day

    Thanks my friends.

    1. That will make your site get more traffic if you can write articles every day 🙂 Thank you too my friend 🙂

  2. Its hard to do so, but nice read this, Mba Indri

    1. thanks mas yosep 🙂

  3. mantap udah mulai bagus tulisannya and enak dibaca… keep spirit, show them if you can writing in english

    1. thanks my friend for your support and appreciation 🙂

  4. I can write an article in Indonesian language almost everyday. But, I still seldom write in English.

    I think my English articles are still loneliness from the readers. 🙂

    1. But writing english articles is the same with introducing our blog to the world 😀

    2. Keep on trying my friend.. keep on trying.. do not stop!

      Even if readers don’t read your writing, you still gain something because you train yourself.

      So please keep on trying

  5. okey , consistency is very difficult but if we continue to impose ourselves we would be able to .

    1. you’re right my friend, thanks for your explanation 🙂

  6. susah ngilangin rasa malesnya mbak, hehe

    1. sambil dengerin musik mbak biar gak terasa capek hehe 😀

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