Learn How to Write Articles Consistently

Write many articles are very easy, but to write an article consitently isn’t easy. Besides to increase your blog traffic you must be write articles consistently. You write an article consistently will be better than you write more articles but not consistently or just sometimes only.


Today I’ll share about the ways to write articles on your site consistently according to my experience a long 5 years I work as a nlogger. Basically to write articles every day consintently is very easy if we know some things below:

1. Make a planning or dailly schedule

Same as you when still as a student at a school. Every day we see a subjects schedule for tommorow. If you make a publication articles schedule for tommorow, you can be write an article every day consistently without any difficulty.

2. Make a writing activity as a hobby and needs

Same like we was eating some rice every day, which we doesn’t ever bored to do it. If we can make a writing activity as a hobby and needs, then write articles activity to be a hobby and needs that a lot of fun.

3. Often to read something

Take a few times to browsing on google to read sometings that you like. This thing would adding more ideas to us to write about something that we have read it just now. If we don’t like to reading something out there it will make we don’t have any idea about what I want to write.

4. Force yourself to write articles every day

Sometimes, even often, we feel lazy to write. Don’t let this thing and force yourself to an articles although just a few words only. So writing articles activity should not to be a hevy work.

I hope this articles is useful. Many apologizes if my previously articles too much mistakes, because I still learn in engilsh. Please help me to correct my articles if you see some mistakes to improve my english. Today I write this articles using ipad mini ipad because my computer was damage or have some throuble, but it does’t a problem for me to keep learn write english articles. Thanks.Β Would You Like Learn English Easily, Quickly And Perfectly?


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