Kodak Released Smart Phone 2015 to Begin Smartphone Business

Do you still remember with the Kodak? The biggest camera manufacturer from the United States is back to provide their new product innovation after successful produces a wide range of cameras since the 70s to 90s. Today, Kodak began to try the smartphone business with the launch of its first Android phone in this 2015.

This is done by Kodak to attract more number of customers in the era of smart phone technology that continues to evolve. Once before, the Panasonic Lumix camera that also produces camera has been launched the smartphone Lumix DMC-CM1 at last september.

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As if not to be outdone by its competitors, Kodak also has introduced its first smartphone at the world’s largest technology exhibition, the Consumer Electronic Show (CES 2015) which took place on 6-9 January 2015 ago in Las Vegas, USA.

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As reported by The Verge, Kodak released a smartphone is allow the users to print and share photos like features possessed by a wide range of their previous camera products. The smartphone will be manufactured by Bullitt Group, a British company that also makes smart phones for Caterpillar.

“Kodak is a famous brand, trusted for quality and innovation. We used it as inspiration in designing the device so that the user can take pictures, edit, save, print and share with ease, ” Oliver Schulte said, CEO Bullitt Mobile.

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Schulte also said that this phone will promote higher quality software than hardware.

Kodak and Bullitt party hasn’t provided information about the names and specifications of the smartphone to be launched. Kodak parties only stated that the name of the smartphone has been licensed.

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