Javan Tiger Failure Extinct, a Researcher Get Their Photos in 2014

An activist of researches of javan tiger in indonesia, Didik Raharyono has claimed that he has get a few original photos of javan tigers (panthera tigris sondaica) in some place in the forests of java island within 2014. Didik Raharyono convey through his website on which posted at 2014 december 26, he says that the javan tigers are the extinct tiger who “failure extinct”.

He called it as a “failure extinct” because the tigers has been some times get extinct claim by some party, first at 1939, then 1950, 1970, and last time at 1980 by IUCN after The Javan Tiger Foundation from USA comes and held a researches in Meru Betiri National Park which is strongly suspected still there is the javan tigers inside it. In a year-long research, they did not manage to get photos Javan tigers live, then that time the “extinct claim” is given by IUCN.

However, some of local citizens are often claims that sometime they were look at a javan tiger in the woods. The claims of citizens about javan tigers has make some of researcher like Wahyu Giri Prasetyo and Didik Raharyono comes to investigate it.

The result, they just found some signs like feces, feathers, nail scratch marks on trees, and tiger footprints. And it’s no strong enough to be used as evidence that the javan tigers still exist or no extinct yet.

Since 1997 Didik Raharyono began his research of the javan tiger and he’s always trying to find evidence the photo of javan tiger who alive, and finally after for 17 years he keep looking for the javan tigers, at 2014 jully he get some photos of javan tiger. Therefore Didik Raharyono is now says that the javan tiger as one of animals that failure extinct.

Original size 177×314 pixels

The figure of a javan tiger in the teak forests, this photograph taken by the “students” who are conducting studies related to the study of earth science, and not specifically reviewing the large carnivore in Java. The encounter occurred inadvertently, when they meet, directly photographed, after that the photographer ran for go out of the forest. This incident occurred in July 2014.

Enlarged image to 300×532 pixels

Photo by Didik Raharyono []

Oriiginal size 195×137

The figure of a javan tiger in a pine forest, photographed with a very clear results, shows an activity when a javan tiger was passing in the woods. This place is still unknown, but researchers keep trying to trace this place. This photo is taken about at 2010.

Photo above by Didik Raharyono []

Below is photo a javan tiger that captured by Andries Hoogerwerf at 1938 [Netherlands Indhies]

Look at two pictures above. The body from head to tail of two tigers above are looks very similar. If you ask to me: what two pictures above are the javan tiger? YESS!! They are really the javan tigers.

 More about the javan tiger’s original photos you can look at Foto Harimau Jawa

According to Didik Raharyono, the location or place where the javan tiger’s photos has been captured is kept confidential. It aims to maintain the security for these animals who has claimed extinct.

Didik Raharyono often said that he is very sure and optimistic that javan tigers still can be found at someday although the javan big cat is now living in poverty. []


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