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Kamis, 6 November 2014 - 19:02 WIB

Is The Backlinks Important For Your Blog?

Majority of bloggers have considered that the backlinks is very important to get ranked of their blog on the search engine. Yes, temporary that’s right! Therefore a lot of bloggers that looking the backlinks for “nutrition” of their blog.But according to me, today  that’s not too important. A lot of sites with high pagerank but low traffic (like the blogs on blogofnote list in blogger), whereas traffic is one of the target that we are looking for.

I’m never looking for the backlinks in any where, because they’ll be comes into my blog without I have to placed any link on every sites in internet. In fact, the backlinks placement that wrong or excessive will be marked as spam by google and it will make your blog to be more bad on the search engine.

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I’m more liked to waiting for the natural backlinks. How to do it? Very easy  and without doing anything, just you must be focused on update new article every day.

On the internet is a lot of crawler and they will crawling your blog and adding your blog on their index list. That’s the natural backlinks where they will make your blog’s rank to be better and more useful to increase your blog’s visibility on the search engine.

As on the screenshot above, thousand of inbound links came into my site without I have to placed my blog link on any sites. The longer will be a lot of inbound links who came and they will giving natural backlinks without I have to placed my blog link on any sites.

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As quote, the important is quality of article. If your article’s quality is good, your blog visibility will be better on the search engine although you just waiting for natural backlinks, and of course your blog’s traffic will be increased.

^^ Hope the article is helpfull. Read also Linda Ikeji Now Hiring Reporters And Photographers For LIB.

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