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Sabtu, 25 April 2015 - 22:37 WIB

How to Introduce Your Blog to The World Community

If you are a blogger and you want to get more traffic for your blog, you must be known about the ways to introduce your blog to the world so your blog became famous and get known by internet users around the world. In order to get your blog famous among internet users in the world is not too difficult and also too easy either.

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Here a simple tips about the ways to introduce your blog to internet users around the world and get a famous among them.

1. Write english articles

As we know that english is the first tongue in the world, it’s means english language has the world’s largest users. If your blog contains english articles then your blog will get a better chance to obtain more visitors than use other languages.

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2. Introduce your blog to other blogs

You must introduce your blog to other blogs in internet by leaving a comment and insert your blog url in there. More and more you are leaving comments in other blogs it’s same like you are spreading your identification cards to others, then your blog will be known by many peoples so getting a famous in internet.

In addition, by leaving a comment with blog url in many other blogs then it will make your blog get a better rank because many backlinks that refer to your blog.

3. Joint with international bloggers community

You must joint with bloggers community that consisting of bloggers from any country. For example, you can joint with blogger community in Google+, in facebook, forum websites, which they were consisting of bloggers around the world.

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4. Wrote many articles as possible

You must wrote many articles as possible in your blog every day, then your blog will be rich in contents so your blog will be found by internet users easily. Without more contents in your blog then is not possible to get your blog famous and known by the readers around the world.

I hope this articles about How to Introduce Your Website to The World is useful. Read also How to Find Writing Article Ideas For Your Blog Easily.


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