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Jumat, 21 Juni 2013 - 11:44 WIB

How to install another Blogger Template into Your Blog

Hey bray … We all know that since 2013, the blogger interface has changed as a whole. That’s way we need to know about all of the changes in latest version of the blogger dashboard. Including how to install another blogger templates into your blog. Where should we start?

In my opinion, blogger templates on the newest dashboard is now better than before and this is really new. Ways to manage it more easily than the old version interface.

How to install blogger template

  • Previously you had to prepare a template file in XML format on your computer. So you have to extract it from ZIP to XML to be uploaded.
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1. First, you must be logged in to blogger dashboard, then select the blog that you want to change the template, and then click Template that placed below.

2. Next click Backup / Restore on the upper right corner. Then a small window will appear as shown below.

3. [Recomended] Before installing a new template, you should download the full template to prevent if there is an error on your template later.

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4. Then select the XML template file on your computer, then click Upload.

5. Click the Preview, if oke or there is’t any error click Save. Completed and see the results.

Note: It should be noted that some types of templates sometimes directly installed automatically without you have a chance to do a preview. If that happens you can edit the template from HTML source code of your template. That’s it.

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