How to Increase Your Blog Traffic From Mobile Visitors

Usually we need about three months since the blog launched, we will get some traffic from search engine. Because search engine need time to knows and give ranking to your blog. Before three months, your traffic from search engine just sometime only.

How do I shorten the time so that no three month I wait for? Unfortunately, success won’t come quickly or easily, but we need to be patient and keep optimize.

Ok back to title. I have a way that today maybe can helpful to got a better traffic for your blog. Be sure you add site variants on your webmaster tools so that you no lost the mobile devices users. After, you can see the mobile usability reports on your webmaster tools.

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Site variants is you add www and non-www version on your webmaster tools. This is a new feature that google added after the mobile visitors increased lately.

According to google, the www and the non-www version are entirely different sites. So you now have to add both www and non-www version of your domain to your webmaster tools account, then take a look at the data for both sites.

Now the global web traffic from mobile devices is on the rise, and recent studies show that mobile visitors are more likely to revisit mobile-friendly sites, so mobile usability is now relevant for optimal search results.

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