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Selasa, 21 April 2015 - 13:27 WIB

How to Get Adsense Fully Approved With a Free Blog Easilly

Adsense is an ad application service that run by google and it’s an easy way for the bloggers to make money with their blog. Just use a free blog service, put your adsense on it, then you will get revenue from google if there is someone clicking ad on your site. But to get an adsense account it’s not easy, because we must be having a blog or website that comply to adsense criteria and adhere to adsense program policy.

But don’t worry! I’ll share my experience about how do I make an eligible blog to get approval from adsense easily.


1. Create a blogger blog
First, you must create a free blog from blogger that just needs a few minutes only, and then write an articles on it. You must create at least two articles each day for a month. So, if today you begin to create articles then you will have about 60 articles at the end of this month. Your articles must be unique and useful for the readers.

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2. Create a good navigation menus on your blog
In order to get an approval from AdSense, your blog needs to have a clear navigation for users. Put a recent post and blog archive on sidebar, add some related posts below content, create and put category menus above the content or below header.

3. Increase your blog traffic from search engine
To get adsense fully approved, your blog’s traffic must be feasible for adsense, for example: your blog geting traffic at least 50 to 100 daily unique visitors. Without adequate traffic then there is not ad request to your blog so adsense ad can’t be appears on it, and the google team can’t done the review if adsense ads not appears on your blog.

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Send your adsense application

After one month since your blog has been launched, you can send an adsense application through the monetize tab on the admin dashboard on blogger. I hope this articles is helpful. Read also Would You Like Learn English Easily, Quickly And Perfectly?

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