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Sabtu, 25 April 2015 - 18:15 WIB

How to Find Writing Article Ideas For Your Blog Easily

A lot of bloggers who says that they were often run out of ideas to writing articles on their blog. Whereas too many writing article ideas around of you and you can write it on your blog so your blog rich in contents quickly.

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Here some ways or tips to get writing article ideas on your blog that you can try:

1. Open the internet and read articles

You can found many writing article ideas in internet easily. For example, you are browsing in internet and you found a website and than read some articles on it. After finish reading the articles you will get an idea and you can write it on your blog.

2. Read visitor comments

Read all of visitor comments one by one in the blog post that you read, then you will get some ideas from some comments in that blog post. Usually the blog visitors often help you to get more writing article ideas through their comments in a blog post.

3. Get out from your home ang bring camera

Usually just a few minutes after you are going out from the home then you will see something which enough interest to taken it as blog pictures, then you can photographing it and than you can use it as your blog content pictures. Just writing some sentences below the pictures on your blog then you can get a new article.

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4. Watching TV

Watching a TV also can be help you to get some writing article ideas on your blog. You can change the TV shows as text articles by write it on your blog. This is an easy way to get writing articles idea.

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5. Writing your skills

Everyone having skills. For example, you are good cooking, then you can write your cooking skills in your blog. Even, just writing about the foods that you cook everyday in your home then it will help you get many cool articles on your blog. You can try this way in your blog.

6. Writing your experiences

Everyone have a lot of experiences in their life. You can write your life experiences since you still kid until today in your blog. Maybe your blog don’t have space to save all of your life experiences that you wrote on it. Just writing your experiences for one month only maybe you will be tired and bored. This is an easy way to get a writing articles idea that you can done on your blog.

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7. Writing a story or tale

If you have a hobby about the tales or stories, you can write a story in your blog. This is a most easy way which can be help you to get many writing article ideas for your blog. Making a story is not difficult because just write a story or tale that is just not fact or not reality. You can make up a story without anyone can be blame you because this is just a story or tale which is not a reality.

8. Writing your daily conversations

Everyone are talking and speaking or doing conversations in their activity everyday, you can write your everyday conversations activity on your blog. Just writing your conversations for one day only it will help you to create more than a hundred articles, especially if you are a teacher which everyday you are having many speaks with your students at school. You can get many articles just from writing your daily conversations in your blog. This is also a most easy way to get writing articles idea.

I hope this articles is useful and can help you to get more ideas to create articles so your site having a lot of contents quickly and easily. Read also 3 Ways to Improve Your English Writing Skills For Begginers Easily.

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