Download Your eBook – How to Start a Blog with WordPress (Not a Free Guide)

Hello Juragans, do you want to start a blog on the amazing WordPress platform, but you don’t know how or where to start?

Well, today is your lucky day. Because I have prepared a special eBook – How to Start a Blog with WordPress (Not a Free Guide), for you. You can definitely  download this eBook for free. The term “Not a Free Guide” means you will learn how to blog on self hosted WordPress, which means you will learn how to find and get yourself a paid web hosting service. Don’t worry, I will show you the how in this eBook.

how to start a blog with wordpress not a free guide ebook

I wrote this eBook for  beginners who never blog or know how to setup a WordPress platform. So, I tried to write as simple as possible.

This eBook comprises 9 subjects:

  1. Introduction to blogging
  2. How to find a great hosting
  3. Pick your domain name
  4. How to setup WordPress
  5. How to create your first post
  6. How to use images legally
  7. How to install a theme
  8. How to install a plugin
  9. Introduction to SEO
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Now, let me short introduce myself. My name is Juan Feju, the headmaster of Sekolah I’m also a writer and a full time blogger. Through some life events happening in my life I decided to start blogging seriously in the beginning of 2014 .

In the process of pursuing my passion I made tons of bad mistakes. I believe many who takes the same journey will experience the same things. That is why, if you want to avoid the same traps I and others have made, and save your valuable time and money, you might want to consider to download this eBook.

In the future I will write more about other things related to practical blogging and WordPress. You can always revisit or check the link in this post to get the latest eBook updates. I also include the version of the eBook, so you can keep track of its freshness.

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Since nothing is perfect, I would appreciate if you could send me your opinions and suggestions at after reading the eBook, or you can send it to

Ok, Juragans, download now while it’s still free…. :D.

10 komentar

  1. I have already downloaded this ebook just now, there is a great hosting information that I interested, I hope someday I can try it for my website 🙂

    thanks for your nice ebook sharing brother 🙂

    1. You are welcome, sista :D.

      Success forever for Juragan Cipir. I hope this site gets bigger and bigger.

  2. waduuh nyong ora ngerti artine, puyeng-puyeng!.

    1. Kalau puyeng, ya tidur istirahat… 🙂
      Besok baca lagi.

  3. Thank u Mr Headmaster, I downloaded the e-book. I believe I will learn a lot from the book.

    I do really appreciate your willingness to share your experience

    1. Thank you for downloading it, Mr. Anton. You’re awesome. I hope it can be useful for you.

  4. You book a nice, thank allot juan veju

  5. Don’t Smoking in here….

    Makasih ya gan juan feju.kebetulan lagi belajar tentang wordpress,karena mau nyoba migrasi, nanti bantuin yak….

    1. Terima kasih kembali. Kalau amw-free pakai hosting yang saya rekomen di ebook itu, mereka bisa urusin migrasinya, tanpa bayar lagi.

      Yang saya bisa bantu selanjutnya adalah optimasi kecepatan di hosting tersebut.

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