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Senin, 30 Maret 2015 - 04:53 WIB

Common Types Of Insurance You Should Know

Multiple insurance companies have cropped up all across the world with all of them offering some insurance or the other for which, there are good supporting arguments. People should be aware of all these and not fall into a trap that is solely for the interest of making monetary gains.

Do not assume these statements to mean that insurance policies should not be taken. What we mean is that there are only some covers which are important while the rest of them can be avoided as some simple precautionary measures is all that is required to save up on the finances that would otherwise have been paid in premiums.

Here are the types of insurance policies that should be taken under all considerations are as follows:

a) Life Insurance: This policy is helpful when there is a single earning member in the family. A policy of this sort is very important to keep the personal finance requirements of the family going at all times after the death of the insured. The duration for this policy can be short term or long term as per the wishes of the applicant.

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b) Auto Insurance: If you drive a vehicle, auto insurance is compulsory for third party safety. But people also prefer to get their cars insured to safeguard their interests against accidents. It also covers medical treatments incurred due to situations. Depending upon the car (its market price and its condition) and the driver’s experience, the costs are determined.

c) Health Insurance: This cover is to keep the medical needs of the people intact. A health insurance cover takes care of all the medical bills due to treatments taken in the hospitals. There various types of medical insurance available, similar to the life insurance policies and the cost depend upon the current medical condition and the age of the person. Most business companies offer this insurance as a perk to their employees.

d) Property Insurance: This insurance is for those who own property of high values. Safeguarding them against theft and damage is their main concern. Property is not only buildings and houses. Content inside the house are also equally considered in the same bracket. The total price here depends upon the listed items and their value in the market.

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There are different rules and regulations governing all these policies. Making sure that the right deal is struck is the sole responsibility of the applicant. Most of these policies go void if the premiums are not paid one time, which makes it important to remember the dates in order to keep the policy alive.

The biggest advantage of these is that they can be personalized to a large extent. The policy clauses are flexible and enough space is given to make the applicant feel comfortable. A single sitting with a representative from the insurance agency is all that is required to clear any doubt and buy a policy of utility.

Absconding from buying an insurance policy has never helped anyone. In order to save small amounts of cash, people end up paying much more due to losses. Insurance is a wise step which can be proven by the statistical data clearly indicating that more than half the world’s population have some or the other kind of policy with them.

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