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Selasa, 13 Januari 2015 - 14:28 WIB

Awesome! Latest iPhone 2015 Use Camera 14 MP

Currently Apple is still busy releasing the iPhone 6 & 6 Plus in new countries and ensure a best-selling iPhone to date. But that does not mean that the world is satisfied with what is offered by Apple through that two the new iPhone, because the latest news wanted two significant upgrades for the next iPhone generation.

The latest news according to mydrivers site has say that Apple seems to be adopting the use of the type of glassless 3D display on the iPhone 7 / iPhone 6s, similar to what is used by the Amazon in Fire Phone.

iphone with camera new model, newest iphone from ipad 2015

Allegations about the use of these features became stronger after the advent of the latest patent that obtained by Apple; The document describes a method about the use of 3D technology in the display screen. Apple reportedly is working hard with assisted by TPK to realize this feature.

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In addition to the use of 3D displays, Apple may also going to upgrade the iPhone camera into a 14MP. As you know, 8MP camera has become a feature that is very ‘preserved’ in the iPhone’s release every year. If this news is accurate, then the fans of the iPhone will have a new reason to upgrade their iPhone.

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Although during this Apple remains one of the best smartphones for a camera, but the presence of upgrade camera into 14MP is being a matter that deserves to be greeted with a good, right or no?

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