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Jumat, 8 Agustus 2014 - 12:27 WIB

Amazing Floating City in Newyork

A floating giant ship in newyork city, and it is home to 800 inmates and a prison ship in the world. The ship that resembles a floating city which was built at a cost of $ 161 million with 100 cell equipped with a basketball court on the ship.

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This floating city is located on the off coast in newyork city near Bronx, Long Island.  Do you ever think of sleeping there? Don’t ever, because it was a prison house.

A scary ship, once again you should not stay there because it was a prison ship.

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One again, a ship drifting on the Hudson River which is a farm on the water. They are floating cities in Newyork city. And this ship you can visit it.

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