8 Easy Steps How to Write a Scientific Article

The article became a way to be able to provide information to readers both with a casual language of formal languages. The article becomes one way means can convey important information. The article is also used in some institution but in accordance with his trademark respectively. If the mass media more emphasis on popular articles.

But if informal institutions typically use more scientific articles. At this time the companions will be able to learn about the 4 step easy steps to writing a scientific article. This is certainly very useful for academics or other work that is about how to write a scientific article.


Here are the steps:

1. Determine THEME WRITING

The theme is a staple of discussion in an article. You can use or choose a theme you like. For example, tips learn overachievers, the relationship between the character of the child development learning materials and others.

2. Make an outline

Usually, if you guys write a story sure to have backbones. Similarly, only at the time of writing an article. The framework of this bouquet will greatly help you in crafting the words in the article. You can simply make or write down the points that will be a discussion.

For example: what should be done with students to Excel? What are the barriers faced by students at the time of study? And how to solve the problem of students so that they can perform.

3. Make a good opening paragraph

Make a sentence in the opening paragraph is indeed crucial. Because the opening sentence of this will help us in making the explanatory sentence. The opening sentence is usually can be in the form of the purpose of the paragraph or the other.

4. Make the idea of the subject matter Clearly

In each paragraph, you guys will definitely determine the idea of the subject matter. Either at the beginning or at the end of the paragraph. So Make the basic Idea can be understood by the reader.

For example Bob overachievers because every day he studied at home for 2 hours. So the sentence explanation could be rendered in Favour of the House usually rarely watch TV because he at night has a schedule of learning by his friend and so on.

5. Provide Reasonable Discussion

When you write an explanation in the article then please fill in a reasonable and logical. So you do not satisfied or lied in explaining. You can refer or cite the phrase in the book of books. After that, you can explain the meaning of what you quoted.

6. Study the manner and style of writing scientific articles

It really isn’t difficult to write scientific articles. So is also the case in using proper grammar and correct. Because it is abstract and relative. But as a reference that is in accordance with the EYD or enhanced spelling.

7. Make a cover article with a strong Paragraph

The thing that should not be forgotten is to make the cover that should make the reader remember it (strong). Meaning you can amplify the ideas became a principal conclusion sentence can describe the whole. Indeed today is not easy but still can do for writers including beginners.

8. Edit the Article Carefully

The last thing it is important because it will determine whether or not the article is also the good scientific book to make. Editor edit this article is indeed not easy because we have to be careful both with punctuation or sentence is not appropriate for us to solve. However, calm if you can bother to ask for the help of others to edit it.

So too does the editing activities in the mass media is becoming a commonplace thing and should be done before because the news article published must first enter in the kitchen of the editor.

How does the dear reader, already have a little picture right about how we start to write scientific articles. No doubt there are various ways that can be done to write scientific articles.

But hopefully, the 8 steps to writing scholarly articles can help you in starting to write a scientific article that is useful and also good, of course. Hopefully useful all this and thanks.


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